Tax consultancy for companies

As your tax partner, we are always up-to-date at your side and a part of your business success.

With the following services we offer you the basis for future-oriented decisions and planning:


Financial Accounting

  • Preparation of financial accounting (monthly, quarterly or annually)
  • VAT returns, EU sales list etc.
  • Business consulting and planning
  • Assets accounting
  • Digital voucher booking (DATEV Unternehmen online)

Payroll Accounting

  • Monthly payroll accounting
  • Wage tax registrations
  • Statement of contributions
  • Further notifications to social security institutions and other authorities
    (e.g. in the case of maternity, child-raising allowance, employer's liability insurance association etc.)
  • Consultancy for net wage optimization

Financial Statements

  • Preparation of the annual financial statements for sole proprietorships, corporations and partnerships
  • Tax optimization
  • Planning and advice for the future
  • Publication or deposit in the Federal Gazette
  • E-filing (e.g. electronic balance sheet)

Revenue surplus accounts

Business tax returns

  • Corporate tax returns, trade tax returns and VAT returns

Tax support during tax audits